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Dog Enrichment Workshop

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4 Hours

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Dog Enrichment Workshop


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About the course

Therapeutic Dog Services facilitates and promotes dog enrichment programs. These goal-oriented programs are based on the dogs natural biology, and provides species specific, naturalistic environments, mental and physical stimulation, choices, and a variety of opportunities for individuals and the interactions between individuals.
Learn how to provide dogs with an environment and varying activities that promote a range of dog-appropriate behaviour, facilitate behavioral choices and enhance individual well-being.

Registration Steps

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For Your Information


Read information sheets below


Submit registration of interest

"Paws for a cause" and Entry Level registration of interest


You can register your interest in "Paws for a cause" and Entry Level, Pet Therapy Dog Trainers programs, if you meet all of the following conditions:

  • you live in South Australia

  • You drive a car

  • You would like to make a difference in someone's life by sharing your dog with others to make someone's day

  • You are empathetic towards the general public or those who live with acute illness, aging, disability, and mental health population.


You own a well-mannered dog

  • your dog would pass a health clearance from their veterinarian as being seen as fit for pet therapy work

  • your dog is up to date with vaccinations

  • you are available to participate in a temperament evaluation of your dog


You can commit and participate in: 

  • 5 - 10 hours of online training

  • 5 hours in classroom training

  • Industry community work placement component, volunteering up to 1 hour to 90 mins a week, fortnightly, monthly for joint venture partner facility site therapy dog visitations.


  • Paws for a cause: 18 hours

       (12 visits) over 6 months

  •  Entry Level: 36 hours

        (24 visits) over 12 months


You may need to meet additional conditions if you're registering your interest and your dog has been evaluated as not ready yet. 

You're not eligible for "Paw for a Cause" or Entry level, Pet Therapy Dog Trainers program if you've been excluded from dog-related services because of disruptive behaviour.

Please complete the registration form of interest, please note you will require a photo of yourself and dog, you can upload photo to the application form.

  • Please Note: required copy of vaccination (this must be completed by your dog’s veterinarian)


Screenings evaluate how well the animal and handler work together, and what environments they are best suited for.


Assesses whether

  • the animal can be controlled by the handler and follow basic commands

  • simulates conditions that may be encountered on a visit and to determine whether the team has the ability, capacity, and potential for Pet Therapy Community Work.

  • resembles a series of situations that might occur on a routine Pet Therapy Visitation.


Dog is temperament tested by AAI evaluator prior to being considered for any level of therapy dog team training and placement registration.


Exclusion of Dogs Trained for protection or Bite Work


Dogs that have been trained to aggressively protect, and dogs that have been encouraged to bite, even as a component of a working task or a competitive activity, are not eligible to be evaluated or registered for pet therapy community work.


Veterinarian Health Clearance:


A veterinarian health care clearance will be required for your dog, we supply the forms for you to have your regular veterinarian conduct a health check including a handling assessment to ensure that your dog is healthy and physically able to perform AAA/AAT, record vaccinations and any other requirements recommended by the veterinarian. We want to make sure that all dogs participating in the program are healthy and free from parasites, disease, infections, and illness

  • should be free of any signs of ill health

  • must be free of internal and external parasites

  • must be house trained

  • shall be cleaned and groomed within 24 hours prior to the visit.



Your dog must be up to date with yearly required vaccinations (C5)

  • All vaccinations must be documented by a licensed veterinarian

  • veterinary examinations are required every twelve (12) months, or any additional types of health screening requested by the veterinarian

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