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The Professionals Learning Portal is the gateway to all the courses, resources, and instruments that facilitate AAI teaching and learning.

A blend of online, offline and in classroom training

Certification Programs for Professionals

offers credentialing for members of professionals incorporating animals.

Professional Application of Animal Assisted Interventions

Animal Assisted Interventions in Health Care settings

Animal Assisted Therapy: Techniques  and exercises for Dog Assisted Interventions.

Animal Assisted Therapy: Techniques  and exercises for Dog Assisted Interventions.

Animal Assisted Interventions for health and human service professiionals

Dog Assisted Interventions for Special Needs

Animal Assisted Interventions for individuals

Guide to treating companion animal issues. Human - Animal Interactions

Dog Assisted Interventions in community care settings

These programs have pre requisites applied to them please contact us for further information.



You will need to hold education and qualifications within specific industry field Example: Dr/teacher/therapist/lifestyle coordinator etc. or equivilant.

Minimum Age: 21 years


This PD involves reading and undertaking a range of written assessments


Access to a computer and the internet.

Physical requirements:

Involves physical activities.


What you will Learn


Our programs addresses basic learning theory through lectures, reading assignments, and industry volunteer placement: but, most importantly, it teaches the practical application of dog assisted interventions, pet therapy and skill set training. 

Our trainers in the classroom are the same trainers that you will find working with you during practical “hands-on” lessons.

Training Calendar

AAI Professional Development training starts in February through to December of each year. 

Autumn - March, April and May, 

Winter - June, July and August, 

Spring - September, October and November,

We offer training times during the working week, day, evening and weekends. 

Industry Placement

Our training program offers participants, industry community placement which they can apply the techniques learned as well as opportunities to take their good - natured dogs to our partner community facilities, hospitals, rehabilitation centres disability and service the general public. 


Up & Coming PD

Online registration is available approximately six weeks before each PD workshop.

Depending on the number of people who register, online registration will remain open until two days before the workshop or until all available spaces are filled to allow enough time to organise catering and resources.  

The venues request dietary requirements 7 working days prior to the workshop. Please understand if you have specified any dietary requirements within this period we may be unable to cater for your specific needs.

Workshop space is limited for each workshop and demand in some areas can be quite high. We strongly recommend that you secure your place by registering as soon as possible.

After you have registered, you will receive email confirmation of the registration.

We will also notify you by email about any unavoidable changes to the date or venue.

Missed the latest PD workshop,

Interested in attending a PD workshop,

please email us directly,

so we can add your name to our list.

We can advise you on our next up and coming

PD workshops, 

but be quick as they fill very quickly. 

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