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Potential Puppy

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Coming Soon

About the course

Our potential puppy program is our newest released program. The program where many participants begin with their potential therapy dog and handler education. Many people begin this program due to acquiring a puppy and feel they would like to have the opportunity to share their canine with others once the puppy has come of age.



You will need to have completed year 10, or equivilant.

Minimum Age: 18 years


This course involves reading and undertaking a range of written assessments


Access to a computer and the internet.

Physical requirements:

Involves physical activities.


What you will Learn


Our programs addresses basic learning theory through lectures and reading assignments, but, most importantly, it teaches the practical application of dog assisted interventions, pet therapy and skill set training. 

Our trainers in the classroom are the same trainers that you will find working with you during practical “hands-on” lessons.

Training Calendar

Our Potential Puppy,  training starts in February through to December of each year. 

Autumn - March, April and May, 

Winter - June, July and August, 

Spring - September, October and November,

We offer training times during the working week, day, evening and weekends. 

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