Dog Behavioural Workshops

Dog Behaviour Workshop

Learn to understand why dogs behave the way they do. This workshop was designed due to the demand from adult learners who want to understand dog behaviour but don't want to commit to an expensive and long-term degree to do so. Learn to understand difficult behaviour and techniques on how to deal with it.

This is a very useful for anyone working with dogs or for someone wishing to set up their own business.

Learn about the different influences on dog behaviour such as genetics, biology, environmental influences, the part played by instinct and the difference in behaviour in domesticated versus wild populations.

Dog Psychology and Training Workshop

Learn to gain skills and understanding in dog psychology and behaviour which can then be applied to efficient dog training.

Workshop examines various aspects of dog psychology such as communication, natural behaviour, dog senses, abnormal behaviours, training, and behaviour management.

Introduction to Dog Training Workshop

You will learn about dog psychology, senses, dog training, dog obedience, solving behavioural disorders, and much more.

This workshop is suitable for students, dog owners, dog and animal professionals, and anyone wanting to learn more about dogs and their behaviour and training.

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