What kind of dog can be a therapy dog in training?

What kind of dog can be a therapy dog in training?

Dogs come in all breeds, shapes and sizes. One thing they must have in common is temperament - pet therapy, therapy dogs, in training must be confident, friendly, patient and gentle in all situations.

While not every dog is made for this kind of work, there are certain characteristics that set some dogs apart.

  • Dogs must have a basic level of training so that they are reliable and under control even in crowded situations and when there are loud noises.

  • should consistently demonstrate that they are well behaved and have good manners

  • it is important that dogs that participate in AAA have an interest in people and enjoy visiting

Your dog has good manners

  • Basic obedience such as sit, down, stay and come are important but even more so, are calm manners.

  • Be able to sit calmly for petting as well as not lick or paw strangers.

Your dog loves human contact

It is also important your dog likes to be touched by strangers. Children can be rough or fast moving with their hands, while the elderly may move slowly, or pet with arthritic hands.

A community pet therapy dog should also be tolerant of hugs, (in fact most do not) especially from strangers.

Your dog ignores other dogs

Be able to ignore other dogs and save canine socialisation for another day.

Your dog is comfortable around locations and equipment

Locations that many pet therapy dogs visit include, nursing homes, hospitals and various community establishments and events. To visit these locations, a working pet therapy dog must be comfortable and have calm manners around walkers, wheelchairs, canes, bandages, and tubing.

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