Remembering Sorell (AKA Lovely)

Last week, animal care staff noticed Miniature Horse Sorell (AKA Lovely) was lethargic, uninterested in food, and producing diarrhea. We called upon veterinary staff Monday 25th May 2020, analyzed blood and feces, discovering evidence of lower T-cell counts, higher-than-normal quantities of various other readings. She was immediately given an activated nasogastric tube flush through the nose and gut to help with signs of toxicity and to help with diarrhea, anti-inflammatory, and antibiotic medication and her condition appeared to improve on Thursday.

On Friday morning, keepers discovered Sorell had declined overnight. Temperature over 100 degrees and Neurological issues confirmed the extremity of the infection resulted in severe decline.

It is not immediately clear why Sorell fell ill so quickly and what the exact cause was.

Although the other miniature horses are not exhibiting symptoms, keepers are keeping a close eye on their health.

This is a significant loss for our keepers and AAI Care Farm and the participating community Sorell was beloved for her kind temperament, intelligence and curiosity.

We take comfort in the knowledge that, during her brief time with us, Sorell inspired guests to care more about Miniature horses.

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