Never leave your dog in the car

No Dog Left Behind!

Every year dogs all around the country suffer from heatstroke and in some cases can even die by being left alone in the car during our Summer months.

Though it may seem like the easy option to leave your pet inside your vehicle while you quickly duck into the shops, you can put your dog at serious risk and even cause a horrible death.

Dogs are only able to cool themselves down by panting, which can cause them to overheat and exert themselves leading to sustaining possible irreversible brain damage and deadly heatstroke.

Again, while you may be tempted to take your dog to quickly run errands, we would like to spread awareness about the potential dangers involved in leaving animals in your car for even a very short period of time. Even with windows open, it doesn't take much for your pet to overheat.It's always best to leave them at home inside where there is sufficient air flow and even better, air conditioning.


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