Learn from the experts

Learn from the experts

The most diversely experienced staff of instructors. Not only will you be taught by experienced instructors that are knowledgeable and respected in the industry, you will have the opportunity to learn from those who continue to operate a successful, multifaceted dog business.

Our expert instructors not only teach but continue to train dogs of all types, from pet dogs to service dogs, assistance dogs, trick dogs, working dogs, competition dogs daily.


Jody is a human health services and human-animal bond professional, instructor and author of AAI Related Evidence based Handbooks – endorsed by veterinarians, industry, public figures and animal advocates.

Her hands-on training workshops are widely praised for teaching pet parents’ skills, as well as how to prevent and prepare for common mishaps. She's been featured in national media outlets such as ABC news and documentaries, Today Tonight, Channel 9 Today Show, Radio, Newspaper and Health Journal articles.

Known for her precise and friendly teaching style, Jody consults with a wide clientele including humane organisations, canine professionals, public figures and her favourite of all - dedicated dog parents and their adorable pets.

  • Qualified Professional in behavioural science/Psych, mental health, investigations, counselling, education, disability, animal assisted interventions, dog training and behaviour.​

  • Founder/Director of Therapeutic Dog Services Incorporated and the lead course instructor for the Therapy Dog - Training Centre, School for Therapy Dogs and Trainers, corporate location in Adelaide and Animal Assisted Intervention Training and Wellness Centre, Adelaide Hills.​

  • Life time of experience working with animals. Life time of experience working with dogs. Dog training and handling, trains canines in the areas of obedience, assistance dogs, assisted intervention dogs, service dogs, as well as assisting with working dog training.

  • Twenty-Three (23) years of training over 450 dogs and handlers for therapy dog work, trained dogs for competition obedience, agility, and other competitive events.

Next to working with dogs, Jody's other passion is sharing her knowledge of animals and training with our students as she helps them prepare to meet the challenges of animal assisted interventions, animal interventions in activities, education and therapy team business.

Ms Morrish, as a recognised award-winning service provider, still heads up Therapeutic Dog Services, oversees all programs and services, she now concentrates her time at the Animal Assisted Interventions Training and Wellness Centre,

  • training various species of animals for assistance in Animal Assisted Interventions Activities, Education and Therapy Clinical Programs.

  • designing, structuring, coordinating, and delivering clinical based programs throughout Australia.

  • Consulting: structuring new or enhanced AAI programs, Facility animals, Consultation for Professionals and deliveries of Animal Assisted Interventions: Activities (AAA), Education (AAE) and Therapy (AAT) throughout the community.

  • Presentation and Demonstrations to residents, government agencies, schools, universities and businesses of Australia


David has been handling working dogs for over 10 years and brings this experience and knowledge to our clients and members to assist them in their Therapy Dog Career.

David conducts training and evaluations for assistance intervention dogs, and pet therapy dogs and handlers.

David serves both as an instructor and trainer at our School for Therapy Dog Teams as well as conducting handler courses and regularly instructs at the Animal Assisted Interventions Training Centre, Adelaide Hills, South Australia training other species of animals.

David utilizes proven and simple methods for instructing dogs and their owners / handlers. David’s style is straightforward, and he has a very goal-oriented approach to training and resolving problems. His goal is to always improve relationships between dogs and their owners by teaching effective communication and basic principles of learning.

David continues to further his education in the dog training field by attending seminars and classes, as well as working assistance intervention, obedience, agility, rally canine teams.

David also participates in our Qualified Professionals, Assistance Intervention Dogs Program by assisting with deliveries of Animal Assisted Interventions: Activities (AAA), Education (AAE) and Therapy (AAT) throughout the community.

David enjoys working with children and families living life with disability and his experience with people and dogs makes him an asset to our team


Bronnie and dog Spike, joined our team after graduating, Bronnie and Spike have acquired learning from provision of 2 years’ service delivery within various aged care, disability, mental health establishments and in the top of their class.

Bronnie combines her love for dogs with her passion for teaching others to create the best learning experience for our members.

Bronnie has learned the importance of building a strong and lasting relationship between dog and owner. With years of experience in personal and formal dog training instruction, she brings a unique insight of the pet therapy industry to our members. Continues to further her education in the AAI and dog training field by attending seminars and classes to enhance professional development.

Bronnie also acts as our members services coordinator to ensure that our members have a seamless and fulfilling experience at our school for Therapy Dog Trainers. She works closely with our Director of Canine Education Programs and other business divisions to ensure that our members have an opportunity to learn as much as they would like while attending our programs. Her commitment to the success of each participant is apparent in her daily interactions with our members.

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