Human Criteria and Requirements

Requirements for participating in training


You will need to have completed year 10, or equivalent.

Minimum Age:

You will need to be at least 16 years of age, If you are under 18 years your enrollment form will need to be signed by a parent or guardian.


Training involves reading and undertaking a range of written assessments, as well as engaging in online forms and discussions.


You will need access to a computer and the internet and have basic computing skills.

Physical requirements:

You need to be reasonable physically fit to undertake the work placement as the tasks and activities associated with the work placement involve physical activities.


Human Criteria


  • You reside in Adelaide, South Australia

  • you own a well mannered dog, with basic obedience and is up to date with vaccinations

  • you are available to attend a

"Paws for a cause" 5 hour in classroom training,

Entry Level: 5 hour in classroom training and 5 hours online training.

  • You are available to participate in the industry work placement component, volunteering, community work up to 1 hour to 90 mins - weekly, fortnightly, monthly for partner facility site pet therapy dog visitations.

  • You drive a car

  • You would like to make a difference in someones life by sharing your dog with others to make someones day

  • You are empathetic towards the general public or those whom live with acute illness, ageing, disability and mental health population.

Police Clearance

You will be required to hold a current police clearance certificate.

We provide forms to you, there is no further cost to you for police clearances.

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