Literacy and Reading Program

Shifting performance pressure off the child and providing support

Meet Abby and Bella, looks like they have a huge listening load today.

Learning to read is often less about intellectual limitation than about overcoming fears.

Animals are ideal reading companions because they:

  • Help increase relaxation and lower blood pressure

  • Listen attentively

  • Do not judge, laugh, or criticize

  • Allow children to proceed at their own pace

  • Are less intimidating than peers

When a Dog is listening, the environment is transformed, a child’s dread is replaced by eager anticipation, and learning occurs.  The handler is a skilled facilitator, too – shifting performance pressure off the child and providing support, while the child gets the supervised reading practice necessary to build vocabulary, increase understanding of the material, and gain fluency as a reader.

Dog Assisted Reading Program (AAE) is a a unique literacy initiative program that matches children with a therapy dog and handler for reading tutoring (read aloud to a dog in order to improve reading and communication skills.)

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