Business during the Covid 19 Pandemic

We have been trying to do everything in our power to proactively manage Therapeutic Dog Services Incorporated business during the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Understanding our current financial position

  • Eligibility for government assistance

  • Been in contact with our bank and insurer

  • Communicated with industry partners and stakeholders

  • Seeked various advice

  • Understanding our options in relation for employees and volunteers

  • Commercial leasing – talking to landlords

  • Building Networks

  • Keeping informed of changes


Mental Health

In response to the growing demand for mental health support because of the coronavirus outbreak. Jody Morrish: AAI Director of Therapeutic Dog Services, has offered and continued services 24/7 in, counselling by mental health professional for all people in Australia, both online, video link, and over the phone. It provided free and easily accessible information and advice around coping with COVID-19, isolation and connection, workplace, and financial hardship,

and how best to support the mental health of loved ones.

Virtual Therapy Pets

Our Strathalbyn Therapy Animals and Assistance Intervention Dogs aren’t letting the coronavirus outbreak pause our mission to help others. So, we have taken our visits virtual.

Window Visits

Window visits are a thing too

We have provided several facilities visit in which the dog makes eye contact through the front glass doors with residents inside.

These services will be continuing with updated new information, and enhanced with other tools and supports, over the coming weeks and months.

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