7.5 Policy and Procedures


Therapeutic Dog Services has a commitment to establish and maintain appropriate systems to protect each of its clients, members, staff, volunteers, and visitors from exposure to risk of disease, illness, or injury in the working environment.

Therapeutic Dog Services will not demand or expect any person to participate in a workplace activity that is likely to be a risk to the person’s health or safety.

The Management Committee is responsible and accountable for the management of the workplace risk, including the identification, assessment and control of exposures that are likely to affect the health and safety of Therapeutic Dog Services clients, members, staff, volunteers or visitors. The Committee is also responsible for ensuring Therapeutic Dog Services complies with the relevant Acts, Regulations and Codes of Practice.

To complement Therapeutic Dog Services commitments and responsibilities each staff member and volunteer must actively participate in all health and safety programs and be committed to the identification, elimination and control of workplace health and safety risks.


Therapeutic Dog Services is committed to providing a safe and positive working environment for all staff and volunteers, acknowledging that the wellbeing of members, staff and volunteers is a major factor in enabling them to perform their duties to the best of their ability.

In return, Therapeutic Dog Services asks that members accept their responsibility to work safely. This means working intelligently with common sense and foresight. The following procedures should be followed:

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