7.3 Rights and Responsibilities of Members (Volunteers)

Rights of volunteers

Therapeutic Dog Services Incorporated Volunteers have a right to:

  • To have applicable work, health and safety training as required.

  • Receive adequate information and a clear job description of what is expected and to understand why they are doing a task and how it fits into the program.

  • Be assigned a suitable project, task, or job and to say no to tasks they are unable to do, or would rather not do, and to ask for a new job.

  • To have on the job training and supervision provided by a designated staff member.

  • Receive respect and support from their co-workers as well as recognition and feedback from their supervisor for their work.

  • Provide feedback, suggestions, and recommendations regarding their job.

  • Have access to dispute resolution procedures and to be supported through such a process.

  • Work in a safe and healthy environment.

  • Be provided with an appropriate place of work and suitable resources.

  • Be adequately insured.

Responsibilities of Members

We ask that our members agree to:

  • Be responsible to and consult with their Supervisor.

  • Agree to do the job training necessary to carry out duties as stated in the Duty Statement and to ask for support when needed.

  • Abide by any Therapeutic Dog Services Incorporated policies regarding their work.

  • Appreciate and respect the confidential nature of information that may be acquired during duties; Discuss any grievances or problems with their Supervisor. If they remain unresolved speak to the Manager.

  • Agree to work in a safe and healthy way and not jeopardize the health and safety of others.

  • Inform Therapeutic Dog Services of any pre-existing medical conditions or special needs that Therapeutic Dog Services should be aware of, that might affect your ability to undertake certain tasks.

  • Report any accident or injury immediately to their Supervisor.

  • Not smoke when representing Therapeutic Dog Services Incorporated

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