7.21 Smoking Control Policy

Therapeutic Dog Services acknowledges the dangers of both active and passive cigarette smoking to its clients, team members and members of the community. We however also acknowledge that some team members and clients may choose to smoke.

In Consideration of these facts the following shall apply:

  • No staff member or client shall smoke in the offices of Therapeutic Dog Services or any external site offices.

  • No staff member shall have a “cigarette break “which results in any danger to a client, fellow staff member, volunteer, residents, or member of the public.

  • Arrangements shall be made to provide reasonable “cigarette breaks “for staff members (in a work period over 4 hours) where the lack of such “cigarette breaks “may affect the efficient delivery of services.

  • If you wish to smoke please observe usual protocol and only smoke in designated smoking areas, where there are seats and ashtrays supplied. Please be aware that this is may be a designated shared area with the staff, residents, and community. Use common sense and butt out if you are approached to speak about our services.

Please be mindful that lingering cigarette smoke can be a major source of distress to people with repertory illness. For this reason:

Smoking is prohibited within Therapeutic Dog Services Offices and Vehicles always

When visiting external sites such as hospitals, schools, nursing homes etc. You will find they have their own policies on smoking in which you must abide by.

Most of these facility areas have a no smoking policy within the facility or their grounds.

Please refrain from smoking when arriving or leaving a facility, as you will be representing Therapeutic Dog Services.

We appreciate you waiting to get back to your car, before lighting up.

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