7.18 Volunteer Dismissal Policy and Procedures


All staff and members are expected to act in a suitable manner always. We provide a positive and safe work environment and expect all staff and member volunteers to uphold these standards. Certain rules of conduct and behaviour apply as this ensures a harmonious work environment for all concerned.

Member volunteers are to be treated with the same respect as paid staff and the policy for terminating the involvement of volunteers is the same. The following procedure relates to dealing with a volunteer performance dispute not involving misconduct that could result in instant dismissal. For more detail, please refer to Therapeutic Dog Services Policy and Procedures Manual.


The following relates to procedures members can follow if they have a grievance about their employment or volunteering conditions, their Supervisor, or the Management Committee.

1: Verbal Warning

The member will be told as soon as possible of any complaint concerning the performance of his/her work and will be provided with an opportunity to discuss the situation. If appropriate, the manager will, in consultation with the member, outline how the member must improve his/her performance. Any assistance needed by the member, to improve his/her performance will be identified and provided where possible. A date to review the members performance will be set if required.

2: First Written Warning

If at the date of review set in Step 1, the members performance is still unsatisfactory, there will be further discussion with the member. This will include the member, a representative of their choice and the manager. The complaint against the member and plans for improvement will be recorded in writing and a copy given to the member clearly stating that a lack of improvement by a given date will result in a final warning.

3: Final Written Warning

If at the date set in Step 2: The members performance has not improved, there will be further discussion with the member. This will include the member, a representative of their choice and the manager. Plans for improvement will be recorded in writing and a copy given to the member clearly stating that in the event of the problem recurring after this final warning, then the member may be asked to cease membership with Therapeutic Dog Services Incorporated.

4: Termination of Membership / Volunteering

If the problem/s persists after the final written warning, the manager may terminate the Membership. In the case of a member’s performance dispute between the manager and the board management, any dismissal must be by a majority vote of the Board.

Should a delay be necessary to convene such a meeting, the member may be suspended should the matter be considered sufficiently serious for his/her removal from the workplace.


Misconduct includes profoundly serious breaches of Therapeutic Dog Services operating guidelines that would warrant instant dismissal of a Member.

Examples of misconduct include:

1: Theft of property or funds from Therapeutic Dog Services Incorporated

2: Willful damage of Therapeutic Dog Services. property

3: Intoxication through alcohol or other substances during working hours.

4: Verbal or physical harassment of any other employee or any other person particularly in respect of race, sex, or religion

5: The disclose of confidential information regarding the organisation to any other party without prior permission

6: Failure to comply with the staff Code of Conduct

7: Falsifications of any of the Organisation records for personal gain or on behalf of any other employee.


Member Volunteers are an invaluable resource, but it is recognised that due to changing circumstances the member may need to resign from their voluntary position, We ask all Member volunteers to give as much notice as possible to their supervisor and decide for an exit interview. All Member volunteers are asked to return any books, materials, uniforms, or files (electronic or otherwise) belonging to Therapeutic Dog Services before they leave.

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