7.15 Alcohol and Drug Policy

Definition: Alcohol and/or other drugs usage becomes a Work Health and Safety issue if a worker’s ability to exercise judgement, coordination, motor control, concentration and alertness at the workplace is impaired, leading to an increased risk of injury or accidents to themselves or others at the workplace.


Therapeutic Dog Services recognises that being under the influence of alcohol or drugs may interfere with our ability to deliver our services. Therefore, all Staff and Members are expected to not perform duties while under the influence of drugs and alcohol.


Therapeutic Dog Services will not tolerate alcohol and/or drug usage of any kind in the workplace. Claims of alcohol and/or drug usage will be handled promptly, confidentially and in a manner that is fair to all involved in the complaint. Any alcohol and/or drug usage claims should be reported to the Manager or Supervising Staff Member as soon as practicable. All claims will be treated seriously and confidentially.

See Grievance/Dispute Resolution Procedures for more information.

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