7.14 Inappropriate Behaviour Policy Procedures

Definition: Inappropriate behaviour can be considered any behaviour (verbal or nonverbal) that is directed in a threatening or harmful manner. This can include obscene gestures and profanity. It does not matter how the behaviour was intended. What matters is its effect on the other person.

Inappropriate behaviour can be:

  • Offensive, belittling or threatening behaviour.

  • Unwelcome comments joke or name-calling.

  • Unwelcome pictures, objects, emails, text messages or literature.

  • Bullying.

  • Impairment in the workplace by alcohol or other substances.

  • Workplace violence.


Inappropriate behaviour by anyone in the workplace is unacceptable and can have significant consequences for individuals. All Staff and Volunteers are expected to act in a suitable manner always. We provide a positive and safe work environment and expect all Staff and Members to uphold these standards. Certain rules of conduct and behaviour apply as this ensures a harmonious work environment for all concerned.


Therapeutic Dog Services will not tolerate inappropriate behaviour of any kind in the workplace. Claims of inappropriate behaviour will be handled promptly, confidentially and in a manner, that is fair to all involved in the complaint. Any inappropriate behaviour claims should be reported to the Manager or Supervising Staff Member as soon as practicable. All claims will be treated seriously and confidentially.

See Grievance/ Dispute Resolution Procedures for more information.

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