7.1 Commitment and definitions

7.1 Commitment and Definitions

To provide a working example of a safe and healthy employment environment for our Clients, Members, Staff, and our Volunteers.

Our Work, Health and Safety Policies and Procedures are developed, incorporated, and periodically reviewed as an ongoing Commitment to our Staff at Therapeutic Dog Services Incorporated.


Duty of Care: Officer: An officer of the person conducting the business or undertaking must exercise due diligence to ensure that the person conducting the business or undertaking complies with that duty or obligation.

Worker: While at work, a worker must take reasonable care for his or her own health and safety; and take reasonable care that his or her acts or omissions do not adversely affect the health and safety of other persons.

Workplace: A workplace is a place where work is carried out for a business or undertaking and includes any place where a worker goes, or is likely to be, while at work.

Worker: A person is a worker if the person carries out work in any capacity for a Person conducting a business or undertaking, including work as — A Volunteer (means a person who is acting on a voluntary basis).

Health: Means physical and psychological health. The general condition of a person’s body and mind. Freedom from disease, illness, or injury.

Safety: The management of hazard and risk to ensure freedom from disease, illness, or injury.

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