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Best Friends

Entry Level

Course Price

Course Commitment


10 Hrs x Online 

5 Hrs x Classroom

36 Hrs x Industry Community Placement (24 visits over 12 months)

Free online professional development

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Required Criteria

Dog Veterinarian Health Clearance

Vaccination (C5)

Dog Temperament Evaluation 

Police Clearances x 4 (DHS)

About the course

Our most popular program is our Entry Level, Therapy Dog Program and is the program where many of our graduates begin with their therapy dog and handler education. Many people begin this program due to a love for dogs and a desire to spend their days working with them and have the opportunity to share their canine with others. 

This course provides you with information and training that will prepare you and your animal to work effectively in a variety of environments.

As you proceed through the team training course, read each lesson in order and complete the accompanying learning activities. It is important that you complete all of the assignments. 

This course also provides in-classroom, professional development and industry placement components. 



You will need to have completed year 10, or equivilant.

Minimum Age: 18 years


This course involves reading and undertaking a range of written assessments


Access to a computer and the internet.

Physical requirements:

Involves physical activities.


What you will Learn


Our programs addresses basic learning theory through lectures, reading assignments, and industry volunteer placement: but, most importantly, it teaches the practical application of dog assisted interventions, pet therapy and skill set training. 

Our trainers in the classroom are the same trainers that you will find working with you during practical “hands-on” lessons.

Training Calendar

Our Entry Level,  training starts in February through to December of each year. 

Autumn - March, April and May, 

Winter - June, July and August, 

Spring - September, October and November,

We offer training times during the working week, day, evening and weekends. 

Industry Placement

Our training program offers participants, industry community placement which they can apply the techniques learned as well as opportunities to take their good - natured dogs to our partner community facilities, hospitals, rehabilitation centres disability and service the general public. 



  • Industry experience

  • Structured Learning

  • Community Work


  • Dog evaluation and temperament test

  • Police clearance


  • In house classroom training I

  • Industry placement. (6 months or 12 months)

  • course materials

  • Access to the members portal


  • t-shirt

  • Identification badge

  • dog bandanna

Award Titles

Therapeutic Dog Services Incorporated awards official titles to dogs and their owners who have worked to improve the lives of the people they have visited. 


Therapy Dog titles can be earned by dogs who have qualified with Therapeutic Dog Services Incorporated and have performed the required number of visits.





Industry Experience

  • Industry partner experience, placement and community work

  • Insurance Inclusion, commercial liability insurance (accreditation requirements must be up held)

  • Receive pet therapy volunteering, employment training and industry placement

  • Receive mentor, supervision and support


  • Receive access to online professional development training and certification

  • Certificate of appreciation and completion (on completion on your 6 months or 12 month industry placement)


  • Networking opportunities

  • Chances for recognition

  • May be identified as a contact for local or national media

  • May have opportunities to take part in research studies


  • Therapeutic Dog Services publications

  • Remain in the organisations data base

  • Invited to Therapeutic Dog Services social group activities

  • Invite to Annual General Meeting

Get in Touch

For all inquiries please contact

Therapeutic Dog Services Incorporated


Phone: 0481293370


AAI Discovery Centre


Phone: 0415 132 654

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  • Enrolling and planning your studies

  • Understanding your funding options

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