Dog Care Workshops

Dog Grooming

This practical dog grooming workshop will give you the skills and knowledge you need to gain competency in dog grooming. It is suitable for both enthusiasts and professionals. 

Dog Health Care

This introductory workshop is designed to give you practical understanding of common dog health care procedures.  This workshop is suitable for anyone interested in basic dog care.  You will gain valuable experience in understanding many aspects of Dog Health Care.   

Introduction to Dog Training Workshop

You will learn about dog psychology, senses, dog training, dog obedience, solving behavioural disorders, and much more.

This workshop is suitable for students, dog owners, dog and animal professionals, and anyone wanting to learn more about dogs and their behaviour and training.

Diagnosing Dog Diseases

This workshop has a foundation in the systematic investigation and diagnosis of health disorders in dogs.  

Routine disease investigations are based on clinical, pathological and epidemiological evidence.  It helps for animal owners to understand and be able to recognise disease conditions that may affect their dogs, so that timely intervention can occur.

Dog Care

You will learn about canines in depth, study their biology, health needs, breeding, behaviour, training, grooming and more.

Suitable for: dog trainers, groomers, animal/pet carers, dog lovers, shelter workers, professional dog walkers and pet shop employees.

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