Our Initiatives

Animal Assisted Interventions Care Farm and Training Centre


Animal Assisted Interventions Centre is entirely unique in being the only animal-assisted intervention care farm and training centre (rural facility) in Australia.


The AAI Centre provides a variety of therapeutic and educational programs utilizing our incredible animals of four-legged therapists. 

Assistance Intervention Dogs


We provide advanced trained Assistance Intervention Dogs, to assist in goal-orientated programs to many people in the community.

Providing service delivery of dog assisted activities, education, literacy, and therapy to over 10.000 people a year.  


Assistance Intervention Dogs assist individuals and groups of people within goal-orientated programs. Qualified professionals work alongside specifically trained dogs for the level of professional work in healthcare and social service settings.

Pet Therapy Dog Teams
Community Work (Volunteering)


We provide trained Pet Therapy Teams, humans and their well-mannered dogs, to provide emotional and physical benefits to many people in the community.

Providing service delivery of dog assisted activities, to over 25,000 people a year. 

Our pet therapy dog teams provide animal services to 90 + facilities, spanning all age groups, including persons with social, mental, emotional, legal, and physical vulnerabilities.

AAI Consultancy


We can help you avoid common pitfalls, and thus enhance staff, volunteer, and patient satisfaction – and save money.

We help you meet your needs for both people and animals.


To assure quality and protect the consumer, therapy animal programs must be standards based.

Become conversant in Standards of Practice in Animal-Assisted Interventions: Activities, Education & Therapy,

Qualified Professionals


Therapeutic Dog Services organisation spans a network of highly qualified professionals incorporating animals into treatment.

Every certified Therapeutic Dog Services professional, is a credentialed, registered, practicing health or human service provider or Animal Specialist, who demonstrates skill and expertise regarding the clinical applications of human-animal interactions.

Therapy Dog Training Centre
School for Therapy Dogs

With the most inclusive education available, our School for Therapy Dog Teams will teach you progressive and innovative methods for training your dog, community placement and working with people in a way that will make your Therapy Dog career a successful one.