Our Partners

Here at Therapeutic Dog Services, we see our role at our partner facilities as an important one that will make a positive impact on the lives of aged, disabled, mental health and seriously ill children.

We are proud to support such worthy causes,

and will continue to dedicate time to uplifting these special clients, staff, kids and their families

We have the opportunity to interact with

 inspiring clients and residents, allowing us to learn about their diverse experiences and life stories.

While supporting community, residents and staff in therapy dog programs. 


We understand that everyone is different, that one size doesn’t fit all.


Our therapy dog teams share a wide variety of skills and passions with community, 

giving our staff, community, clients/patients/residents/staff/visitors the opportunity to participate

in new experiences and activities.

We are committed to social justice and inclusion, and respect the rights of all people, in all their diversity, to live with dignity and safety and to enjoy healthy relationships.

Aged Care
  • Aboriginal Elders Village

  • Allity Smithfield

  • Estia Health: Daws Park

  • Estia Health: Parkside

  • Estia Health: Kensington

  • Eldercare –Glengowrie

  • Eldercare –Hendon

  • Eldercare Trowbridge

  • Mary Mackillop Aged Care

  • Penwood Village Aged Care

  • Resthaven Aged Care: Mitcham

  • Saint Anna’s Aged Care

  • The Society of Saint Hilarion

  • Uniting Communities: Murray Mudgee

  • Uniting Communities Wesley: Croydon United Communities Wesley: Seaton

  • Villa Saint Hilarion Fulham Aged Care

Disability Services
  • Bedford Group

  • Department of Community and Social Inclusion: Various hubs

  • DCSI: Musica Ave Pooraka Accomodation

  • DCSI: Salisbury Group

  • Paraquad SA

  • Spastic Centre of S.A

  • Strathmont Disability Services

  • Various Community Houses for people living with disability

Hospital & Allied Health
  • Royal Adelaide Hospital:

  • RAH:  Oncology and Stroke Wards

  • RAH: Acute Medical Wards (7 Wards)

  • RAH: C3 and PECU.

  • Repatriation General Hospital

  • Norlunga General Hospital

  • SA Health

  • The Queen Elizabeth Hospital:

  • TQEH: Palliative Care

  • TQEH: Cramond Clinic

Mental Health
  • Anglicare –Mental Health Group

  • Ashton House

  • Grow

  • Glenside Inpatient Mental Health

  • Headspace

  • Hutt Street Centre

  • James Nash House

  • Mind Australia

  • Queen Elizabeth Hospital: Cramond Clinic

  • Royal Adelaide Hospital: C3 and PECU.

  • Anglicare various

  • Playford: Northern Community Of Hope

  • Ronald McDonald House, Children and Families.

  • South Western Community

  • Tea Tree Gully Library